Friday, August 27, 2010

Three organizations, Afar People’s Party, Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice , Freedom, and Democracy,Ethiopian Movement for Unity and Justice, have formed an Alliance

Establishment of Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJE)
August 26, August 2010- Press Release

When the TPLF/EPRDF forces controlled Addis Ababa and ended 17 years of tribulation, the majority of Ethiopians gave the TPLF leaders the benefit of the doubt and received them with a warm welcome hoping that change towards freedom, justice and democracy was around the corner. However, 19 years and four elections latter, the only change the Ethiopian people have witnessed is the swing from military dictatorship to a naked ethnocentric dictatorship. Today, unlike any other time Ethiopia’s survival as a nation is endangered by the very regime claiming to lead it. Consequently, there are calls from all corners of Ethiopia for liberty and justice that must be answered to safeguard the continuity of the country and the freedom of the Ethiopian people.

Taking into consideration the damages already caused and that will be caused by the ethno -centered dictatorial regime on the national security and interest of the nation; and taking into consideration that, the longer this regime is allowed to stay in power, the longer the agony and humiliation the people of Ethiopia are subjected to endure ; and

Profoundly cognizant of the demand and desire of the Ethiopian people to see political organizations that struggle against tyranny to coordinate their effort and resources, and raise up as a united front against the ethno-centric dictatorial regime that has no regard for the multifaceted challenges facing  Ethiopia; and
Taking into account the results of the 2010 election drama and the steps taken since the 2005 election, clearly demonstrate the totalitarian designs of the TPLF/EPRDF regime to dominate all spheres of life in Ethiopia; and after taking stock of the regime’s unwillingness to submit itself to and function in a genuine multi-party democratic arrangement; and
After deliberating over many alternatives and multiple scenarios of the struggle, forging an all inclusive popular democratic front has been singled out as the only viable way to get rid-off the ethno-centered dictatorial regime and ensure peace, equality, freedom, justice, democracy, and economic prosperity for people of Ethiopia. Therefore,

Here by, the following three organizations, as the first step of a series of steps, are pleased to announce the formation of Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJE).
1.    Afar People’s Party
2.    Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice , Freedom, and Democracy
3.    Ethiopian Movement for Unity and Justice
Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia makes unequivocal proclamation that unity is the inexorable call of the time, and uses this opportunity to call upon all forces of freedom and democracy in Ethiopia to unite.  As it takes its first step to wage a struggle to liberate Ethiopia from the ethnocentric dictatorship, ALEJE vows to work in unison with other democratic forces.

Down with the ethnocentric dictatorship of the TPLF/EPRDF
Victory to the people of Ethiopia!
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