Friday, April 2, 2010

Justice for Ethiopia Protest Opposite Downing Street

Ethiopians gathered opposite Downing Street to protest against the visit of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Yesterday he met with Gordon Brown concerning the UN climate change finance group. London, England, 31/03/2010.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon selected Gordon Brown and Meles Zenawi to co-chair the High-level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing back in February in order to make funds accessible to developing countries, such as Ethiopia, as set out during the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen last December.

The people of Ethiopia are against the injustice and repression from the regime led by Zenawi, who the inter network against injustice and repression in Ethiopia view as "the worst dictator posturing as the voice of Africa."

Ethiopia is a country with over 7 million people requiring emergency aid, whilst a third of the natural forests have been destroyed for commercial cash crop farming. Genocide Watch has requested that the UN investigate the regime for genocide and atrocities in many parts of the country.

Last year, Ms. Birtukan Midekssa, leader of the main opposition party, Unity for Democray and Justice, was kidnapped by security services and today she still remains in solitary confinement. She has been denied access from a legal representative and the Red Cross. It is because of this that groups such as Amnesty International view Ms. Midekssa as a prisoner of conscience.(more pictures)

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