Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CBS News Investigates Serious Questions about the Legitimacy of Some Ethopian Adoptions (read more)

France Telecom to makeover ETC

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  1. Childeren as commodity, its heart breaking. The organisation 'Christian World' has been cought with malpractice in Haiti also.

    Trading in the name of christianity and charity, while using children to make 'over $2 million last year alone'. Its supposed to be a non- profit organisation. how much more immoral can you get?

    Lets all of us who can, do somthing. Be it writing to authorities in Ethiopia or else where, to urge authorities to stop the operations of 'christian world' in Ethiopia. Also Educate rural families about the pitfalls of this selling of children.

    In this day and age where material wealth has blinded people of all things, the lasting psycological reprecussion on immportant formative stages of these children's lives let alone all other dangers lurking with an unreliable adoption agency, shold not be overlooked.


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