Monday, June 15, 2009

Ethiopia: The 16th Most Failed State in the World (Foreign Policy)

( According to the Failed States Index 2009, Ethiopia is the 16th most failed state in the world; Ethiopia’s rank is worse than that of North Korea, where a tyrant rules with unflinching military dictatorship. The Index is a collaboration between Foreign Policy and The Fund for Peace; the Index is intended to highlight states that pose global security threats or bring tragedies for their own people. In March 2009 Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was ranked as the 16th World’s Worst Dictator by Parade magazine.

Foreign Policy has also revealed that, out of the most failed states in the world, Ethiopia is the 2nd big lobbying spender in Washington, DC; a jaw-dropping $4.4 millions was spent by the Ethiopian government for lobbying lawmakers.

The border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea continues to pose dangers ahead, according to Foreign Policy. The Ethiopian government’s clampdown on opposition as well as non-governmental organizations, and the skyrocketing food prices are examples of the characteristics of the failed state in Ethiopia. The border standoff has also led to the proxy war in Somalia between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Somalia is the #1 most failed state in the world, and this proxy war has exacerbated the already fragile situation in Somalia. Eritrea has ranked 36th in this year’s Failed States Index. – Full index (Foreign Policy)

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