Friday, May 1, 2009

Mekele University to increase enrollment capacity to 30,000 in five years

(ENA) Mekele University in Tigray State announced plans to increase its enrollment capacity to 30,000 in five years time.

University President Prof. Mitiku Haile told ENA that the university is implementing a 20 year plan to enhance education quality .

The president said the plan which focuses on education quality and problem-solving research works is being implemented phase by phase.

In its program to develop instructors’ capacity, the university is also offering second degree level education for 60 instructors in local and foreign higher learning institutions.

The university has plans to enroll 4,000 regular students next year, he said.

The university, which was established in 2000, has currently admitted over 12,000 students in various fields of study.

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