Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lufthansa Systems to connect Ethiopian Airlines's sites with WAN

( Lufthansa Systems, a German IT provider for the airline and aviation sector, has announced that it will connect Ethiopian Airlines's worldwide sites with a wide area network.

The airline has opted for a managed wide area network (WAN) service from the aviation IT provider, which is expected to ensure reliable, fast and secure data traffic between its 113 city offices and airport offices around the world.

Lufthansa Systems has said that it provides a global network with its managed WAN services which carries airline data traffic quickly and securely.

The multi-provider network is composed of the sub-networks of various regions and local providers. It combines high availability and maximum flexibility which are essential for the business-critical applications of Ethiopian Airlines.

Kemeredin Bedru, vice president of information technology at Ethiopian Airlines, said: "The managed WAN network from Lufthansa Systems gives Ethiopian the flexibility, reliability and cost transparency that is so important to data communications these days. The efficiency and data security gained will ultimately benefit our customers as well."

Dr Gunter Kuchler, member of the executive board of Lufthansa Systems, said: "We welcome Ethiopian Airlines, one of Africa’s leading carriers, to the growing circle of customers for our managed WAN solution in the region. We will provide Ethiopian with a future-proof data network which will optimally support the airline’s projected future growth."(

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