Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ethiopia :Tragic death of two young reporters

(By Elias Meseret-Capital)It is with great sadness that Capital reports the two tragic deaths, and one severe injury, of a young international team of journalists in a car accident near Hosanna in southern Ethiopia last Sunday.
Portuguese national Carina Barroca died instantly while her Italian colleague, Stephanie Acri, passed away while on the way to hospital in Butajira.
Stanislas de Cabrol, who is French, suffered severe spinal injuries and is being treated at Pompidou Hospital in Paris.
The details of the accident are not known, but all three were thrown from the Suzuki Vitara they were travelling in. It is known that the car needed a tyre repaired when in Arba Minch. Witnesses reported that no other vehicles were involved.
The international team of journalists with World Investment News, which is based in the US, came to Ethiopia a few weeks ago to prepare a special economic report to be published in the American magazine, US News & World Report.
The team intended to shed light on the economic realities of Ethiopia and, in doing so, help to create a positive image of the country.
Before the tragic event, the trio had met Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on May 1 and asked him a number of questions relating to the war in Somalia, the wild inflation in the country, the investment conditions in Ethiopia and his plans for the forthcoming national election.
They also talked to the ministers of mines and energy, water resources, tourism and culture and trade and industry.
The dynamic group of journalists left an unforgettable memory on the staff of Capital whom they met recently. Capital's employees were happy to assist them in everything they needed because of their energy and good intentions.
Stanislas is currently in intensive care. A first assessment indicated that if he survives, he will be paralysed.
Friends who accompanied him to Bole International Airport complained his chartered flight's departure from Ethiopia was delayed, possibly leading him to contract an infection that necessitated a stop in Germany.
Capital would like to express its sincere condolence to the friends and families of Stephanie, Carina and Stanislas. (By Elias Meseret-Capital)

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  1. I cant believe this terrible accident.

    Stanislas is nothing short of a great guy. His character and quirky sense of humour makes him simply unforgettable..We spoke about this exciting trip to Ethiopia and we laughed at the fact that he was being sent there since his first trip was an assignment in Jamaica.. His job was hard but he felt so lucky to be exposed to different cultures and wholeheartedly wanted to experience everything he came face to face with. He took the most beautiful photos of his stay in Ethiopia.

    My heart aches, knowing that he may never beat our friend at tennis again, never make someone dance, never go swimming in the playful way he would… My heart bleeds right now, not knowing if I would ever see him again.

    I pray for him and his family, I weep with the family of his collegues (both of whom I know Stan held dear to his heart) and I thank you for your report..

    We wish you well, our wonderful friend!


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