Sunday, March 22, 2009

And the "orphan" said: "No. My family's not dead." CBC Investigation: Ethiopian adoption
Twenty months earlier, the woman from Golden, B.C., had adopted a six-year-old girl named Dassie, whom the adoption agency said was an orphan. During this trip she had to reconcile the notion that she might have to give back this new love of her life.
Dassie, with adoptive mom Terri Hambruch. Dassie, with adoptive mom Terri Hambruch. (Courtesy of family) The quandary stemmed from a conversation Hambruch had with Dassie who asked, after she learned enough English, "Why did you adopt me?"
Terri told her she was an orphan and her parents were dead. "You needed a mom and a dad, and we needed a daughter, so it was a good fit. "And she said: 'No. My family's not dead. (Read the story)

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