Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ethiopia food inflation rate reaches over 100 percent

(APA-) The inflation of food prices in Ethiopia in January-February reached 104.1% up from 96 % in December 2008, Ethiopian Central Statistics Authority said in its latest report released on Thursday.

The report said inflation of food prices in the past six months increased by over 60%.

The price of grains in July 2008 witnessed 52.2 % price inflation and 104.1 % in January-February 2009, the report said.

The price inflation of non-food items, which was 11 % in the first six months of the Ethiopian new year, reached 22 % in September-February.

The report said the prices of food and non-food items are still on the rise despite the government efforts to control inflation.

Household items, liquor, various cosmetics, medical services and cigarettes are some of the non-food items that have shown a big price increase in the past few years.

Ethiopia is currently facing a foreign currency shortage due to the imbalance of its export and import trade. This has been resulted in high prices of imported items. (ApA)

የጨለማ ፈረቃ እንደገና ሊመጣ ነው

የኢትዮጵያ ኤሌክትሪክና ኃይል መብራት ኮርፖሬሽን የሚሰጠውን የኤሌክትሪክ አገልግሎት ከሚቀጥሉት ሁለት ሳምንታት ጀምሮ በፈረቃ ሊያደርገው መሆኑን ካፒታል ዘግቧል። በዚህ ዓመት የኃይል አቅርቦቱ ከ100 እስከ 120 ሜጋ ዋት ቅናሽ ሊያሳይ እንደሚችል የተዘገበ ሲሆን ኮርፖሬሽኑ ገና ግንባታቸው ካልተጠናቀቁ ግድቦች ሳይቀር ተጨማሪ ኃይል ለማመንጨት ማሰቡ ተገልጿል። በቅርቡ ይጠናቀቃሉ ተብለው ሲጠበቁ የነበሩትና በተቃራኒው በቢሊዮን የሚቆጠር ተጨማሪ ወጪ በመጠየቅ ለአንድ ዓመት ያህል ግንባታቸው እንደሚዘገይ የተነገረላቸው እንደ ተከዜና ግልገል ጊቤ 2 የመሳሰሉት ግድቦች የአገሪቱን ተጨማሪ ፍላጎት ማሟላት አልቻሉም።

Police arrest Ethiopia woman for stabbing sponsor’s girl
An Ethiopian housemaid reportedly stabbed the 12-year-old daughter of her sponsor in the neck who was fast asleep in Umm Al-Hayman, south of Kuwait City. The victim who started bleeding profusely woke up and started screaming. The shouts caught the attention of her 9-year-old brother who rushed to her rescue. Sources say the brother managed to outwit the maid who tried to seize him and cried out for help. His shouts attracted a number of neighbors who rushed in and informed the Operations Room at the Ministry of Interior. Securitymen and paramedics rushed to the scene and found the maid holding a knife. They managed to arrest her and later referred the victim to Adan hospital for treatment. The victim’s father had gone to the hospital where his wife was admitted at the time of incident. Police are probing the circumstances which led to the incident. (Arab Times)

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