Friday, March 6, 2009

122 Ethiopian emigrants arrive in Yemen

Security bodies arrested 112 emigrants, among of them 15 women, arrived to Khanfer coastline in Abyan province and Dhubab coastline in Taiz province.

The security bodies said that 79 Ethiopian emigrants arrived on an unknown ship carrying 150 persons to Khanfer coastline and escaped.

In the meantime the other 33 Ethiopian emigrants arrived to Dhubab coastline and sent them to take the investigation procedures for entering Yemen illegally.

The security bodies reported that 76 Somali refugees among of them 11 women and 5 children, one child passed away, arrived to Hadramout coastline and Dhubab coastline in Taiz province in three separated trips. It gathered them to main camp at Kharaz in Lahj province.

According to the Information Security Center, the number of Somali refugees
came to Yemen on February were 2559 refugees.

The number of African refugees, mostly Somalis, exceeding 800.000 refugees. They put more burden on the country's fragile economy.

They usually arrive through the sea and sometimes die either as overcrowded boats capsize or as the refugees are enforced by smugglers to swim until they reach far Yemeni coasts. (Sabanews)

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