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Ethiopian Muslim Immigrants and Citizens Rallying for Peace in Ethiopia


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ethiopian Muslim Immigrants and Citizens
Rallying for Peace in Ethiopia

WHO: The First Hijrah Foundation and Ethiopian Muslim Immigrants, citizens and peace loving community members

WHAT: Due to current unrest between Ethiopian Muslims and Christians in Gonder and elsewhere in Ethiopian, hundreds of Ethiopian Muslims immigrants and citizens are demonstrating in front of the Ethiopian Embassy to show their concern and call upon the Ethiopian government to be account able and asking the Ethiopian people to live in peace and harmony.

WHEN: Friday, March 20, 2009 at 8:00AM

WHERE: Embassy of Ethiopia
3506 International Drive, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
Metro: Red line Van Ness UDC Metro Station

Washington (DC): The First Hijrah Foundation in collaboration with hundreds of Ethiopian Muslim immigrants and citizens are calling for a rally in front of the Ethiopian Embassy to show their concern and call upon the Ethiopian government to be accountable and asking the Ethiopian people of different faiths to live in peace in Ethiopia and across the globe.

In the tradition and history of Ethiopia, a country that has been cited as a model of tolerance and peaceful coexistence especially between Christians and Muslims for over 1400 years, it is now alarming to discover that a simmering revulsion against Islam and Muslims is brewing beneath the surface. Recent events in Ethiopia have lent credence to this modern day shock-attack against Muslims by some churches wielding much power and influence in the country. If hate-mongering by ardent priests were any indication as to the weight of this dangerous phenomenon, it leaves little room for interpretation as to their source of inspiration.

Evidence is rapidly gathering against extreme forces that have galvanized these offensive acts of defamation, disparage and slander of the Islamic religion including its Holy Book (the Qur’an), the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) , and even the Creator, Allah (Glory Be To Him), either for mere effect of subversion or to incite unrest and cause harm to persons and property. The constant barrage of verbal attacks against Ethiopian Muslims is tantamount to declaring war on the sanctity of Islam and its followers, which comprise a world-wide population of over 1.5 billion people.

It is deplorable that the Muslims in Gonder and across Ethiopia be terrorized by few extremist groups that wish to see Gonder cleansed of its native Muslim residence as they succeeded in denying the traumatized Muslims of Axum their basic human and citizenship rights to freely practice their religion as per the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. As we applaud the actions taken by the authorities to safeguard the lives and properties of Gonder Muslims, we urge the Ethiopian government to seriously look into the root cause of the problem and the instigators behind it.

A recently published book of hate by a high ranking c hurch official and the faulty census report are some of the examples that we suspect have incited the extremists in the church to lob their salvo of hate and intolerance towards the Muslims of Ethiopia. If manipulating the recent census figures were aimed at marginalizing Ethiopian Muslims into second class citizens, that effort will meet an utter defeat. The Muslims of Ethiopia will no longer allow the marginalization of their citizenry by curbing their rights to full freedom whether in the practice of their religion or in the construction of their institutions or centers of worship.

“We, the Ethiopian Muslims in Diaspora, are preparing to hold our first public demonstration to denounce the behavior and actions of extremist groups from any faith. To urge the ever tolerant and peace-loving Muslims of Ethiopia not to react to the violence perpetrated against them and their religion by the few extremist Christian groups and encourage them to allow the law of the land to take precedence.” said Najib Mohammed, the President of First Hijra, “ We also urge the ever powerful and influential Ethiopian Orthodox Church to engage in constructive development using the teachings of Jesus (Peace be upon him) as a vehicle to promote peace=2 0and prosperity.”

Ethiopia cannot afford to add religious conflict to its arsenal of national problems that include poverty, hunger, and disease. Ethiopians of all strikes and traditions are joined at the knee and the fate of the country is dependent on the growth and advancement of its entire people. This is only possible if genuine peace and justice can prevail in the land.

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  1. Najib Mohammed is a woyane.
    Ethiopian American Muslims who care about the rights of Muslims would march againxt Woyane over the slaughter of their Moslem brother and sisters by Woyane but Najib the Woyane is organizing them against their fellow Ethiopians.
    This march is WOyane organized to create woyane trademark conflict in Ethiopia. It must be stopped and Najibs paltalk room for woyane must also be shut down.


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