Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ethiopian pilot starts airline

A former Ethopian Airlines pilot has established a domestic airline to provide passenger and cargo, ambulance, charter and scheduled flight services.

Capt Abera Lemi's Air Ethiopia has just acquired a 19-seater Beach 1900 aircraft from an American aviation company with a lease-purchase agreement. It can fly up to 33,000ft and cruise at 600kmh, reports ETN.

Air Ethiopia plans to launch in the next two weeks, flying charters between Addis Ababa and regional towns. Its aim is to acquire more aircraft so it can start regular flights to major regional towns.

Of 27 licensed private airlines in Ethiopia, only three are actually flying, Suhura, Abyssinia Flight Services and Trans National Airways. None of them provide scheduled flights. Only the national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, provides regular domestic services.

Ethiopian Civil Aviation law prohibits private airlines flying aircraft with more than 20 seats.

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